Conservatives are calling for a “New Era” in American education

The American Conservatives are urging conservatives to push back against what they call a “new era” in education.The new era is that students are learning less, less of what they’re taught, and not having the resources and time to get the education they need.The book, Education Reform: How Conservative Principles Can Transform the Future, isRead More

Booking e book,e book india: Booking online for india bookers

The Indian booking agency has launched a platform to book books and ebooks for is a booking platform for bookmakers.The platform is based on a platform which has already been tested in the US and other major countries.The platform is called BookingEBookIndia and it enables bookmakers to book online with ease.It enables themRead More

How to Build a Book with James E. Booker

With his book “The Big Short” out, James E of Booker T. Washington and Co. is in a unique position to build a new book — a first-person narrative about a former vice president’s downfall.It’s been a career for Booker, who is known as one of the most influential authors of his generation.He has writtenRead More

Why does a nursing book cost more than a nursing course

The amount of money a nursing textbook can cost you depends on what you need.The average price of a nursing education course in Australia is about $4,800.But it can be much higher for certain nursing courses, which could be a major factor in why a nursing text can cost more.1:55 Why does it cost moreRead More

Canada’s new ‘Book of Books’ is a ‘complete library’

Canada is poised to unveil a book of books, and it’s designed to provide access to everything the public has ever wanted to read, a project that will be funded by a new public-private partnership between the federal government and Canadian-owned book publishers.The initiative, called the Book of Books, is designed to be a fullRead More

How to create a book without ebooks

India has no laws prohibiting ebooks, which are downloaded to a reader’s device and can be read online.This means that ebooks are being used for reading, and that publishers have no control over how books are published or marketed.This is a huge problem for India, with a per capita income of $20,000.There is a legalRead More

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