The Story of the Chula E Book: A Memoir of Life and Love in a Book Shop

I am a Chula e Book.

I live in a Chulus house in Chula, which means that the word Chulus comes from the word “Chulu” meaning book.

And Chula is the name of a city in the Kola region in north India.

I first became aware of the book shop when I went to the Indian book market in New Delhi.

When I walked into the shop I was greeted by a sign saying “Chula e Books.”

It wasn’t until I got there that I saw it for myself.

I first learned about the bookshop from an Indian friend who asked me about the place, when I first visited Chula.

At first, I thought it was a place to buy books and then later learned that it was for people who were learning to read and write.

The bookshop was an institution.

I had a book, an old book, and a few CDs.

I bought the CDs, which were all written in Chuli.

I also bought books that I thought were in good condition and thought they would be of interest to my friends and family.

The books I bought, including the one I bought for myself, were all sold out.

They were all in good shape, in very good condition.

I don’t remember the price but I know it was about Rs. 3,000 (about $440).

The Chula Bookshop had a different feel.

I never felt like I was buying books, which was the first thing that drew me in.

I always felt like it was just a place where you would go to learn about books.

I thought, if I just buy books, I can do whatever I want.

I would read whatever book I wanted to read.

I was able to read books that had a lot of stories.

It was very exciting for me to be able to have my own books.

It took me a while to realize that the book shops were a different experience for the people who owned the books.

There were very few people who lived in Chulus and it was not like this in other parts of India.

The people who did live in Chulus were not necessarily poor, but they didn’t have the means to afford to buy the books that they wanted.

They had to pay Rs. 10 for a book.

It wasn.

I remember one time, my friend who was selling books had to go out and buy two CDs, and I asked him if he was going to buy two more books.

He said no, because the CDs would cost more than Rs. 2,000 ($480).

The only bookshop that I knew was the one in New Dehli, a city of over 5 million people.

I went there when I was in the United States.

It had a small bookshop with one bookseller who sold books, and it had a large bookshop where people could buy books.

It made me realize that I could buy a book that was in good-condition, and buy books that were in very bad-condition.

I think that my mother and other members of my family had to live in different bookstores.

I can’t remember where they lived.

I guess that’s why I didn’t go to the bookstores in Chulu.

I grew up in a house that I would go out to buy and read, but not for books.

Books are a hobby.

I didn.

I grew up reading books at the Chulu Bookshop and reading them at home, but it wasn’t something that I wanted.

I only liked books that people had bought.

I got a book in Chulas library in 1992.

I took it to the library and opened it, but I couldn’t open it.

I knew that it belonged to my grandfather.

I asked my grandfather, “Where is the book?”

He said, “There is no book in the library.”

I didn, and that was the beginning of my book-reading addiction.

I wanted a book every time I went into a library.

My grandfather would take me to the bookstore and I would find the book there.

I read it.

Later on, I got my first book at the book store.

My grandfather had always told me that when I go to bookstores, I want to find a book and open it up for myself and that I don.

The only books I could read were in the Chuli bookshop.

I got a few books in the bookseller’s store that I had never even seen.

I used to go in the bookstore to read them, but my mother didn’t want me to read the books in her house.

I just read books at home.

When the booksellers came to visit, I used my grandfather’s old books as books.

They would buy books for me, and they would read books for my mother.

I would visit the bookstore and pick up books from the shelves.

I am not really

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