How to get books for free online: nook ebooks book is

New Delhi: Amazon, the world’s largest e-book seller, has announced it will launch e-books for free on a new platform that is aimed at digital natives.

The platform, called Nook eBooks, is meant to be a way for consumers to pay for books, as well as for e-readers to offer content for those who want it.

It has been developed by e-commerce firm MobiKwik, which will provide a platform to offer e-reading content from publishers and authors through a marketplace.

It will be launched on September 15, and will be available for both Kindle and Nook devices, with pricing ranging from 1-99 paise.

MobiKwiki has already launched the Free eBook service, which gives consumers the opportunity to purchase and download e- books for a one-time fee.

It offers more than 1,600 e- book titles at various price ranges ranging from 10-99 rupees (about Rs. 6,300 to Rs. 1,100).

Mobikswik is targeting a similar audience to those who buy books online.

The e-reader service has also been designed to be more convenient than Amazon’s Free Shipping service, in which users can pay for goods and services with cash, with Amazon handling the delivery.

Amazon, which has over 3.3 billion users in India, is trying to grow its presence in the e-Book market and offer customers more options for reading books online as well.

It had recently opened a e-store in Bengaluru.

Mobi Kwik said that it is also developing an e-learning platform for learners, which it hopes will be integrated into its free service.

Motoosh Kumar, director of Mobikwik, said that the company is targeting the Indian market with its Free eBook services and expects to roll out the platform to other cities soon.

“We have received an offer of over 10 million free books from authors, authors, publishers and publishers’ agents.

We have also received offers of over 2.5 million books from publishers,” he said.

Manga author Koyuki Oikawa said that her experience of using Mobi-Kwik has been good.

“It is a big step for us,” she said.

“The service is free, and there are no restrictions on the amount of books you can purchase.”

Mobi Kwiki has a strong reputation for offering the best deals in India.

Last year, it had released a range of digital books, including a collection of romance books and a selection of erotic novels.

Mumbai-based e-ink seller Tanya Bhattacharya has also signed up to be part of the platform, which is expected to launch in a few weeks.

“I am thrilled to join the Free E-Book platform,” she told The Times Of India.

“Mobi-kwik has always been a strong e-shop in the country.

This is another step for it to gain more customers.

Mabi-kwiksu is a unique and important player in the online e-market.

I am delighted to be an early member,” she added.

Mariya Rana, who runs the eBooks section at Bajaj Publishers, said her experience using Mibi-Kwiki had been positive.

“My experience has been very good so far.

The free service is well worth the price.

It is easy to register, and the prices are good.

I will be using it,” she noted.

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