Cheap ebooks: What you need to know about ebooks

The price of ebooks is a key consideration in the market, said Peter Poulson, a Toronto-based ebooks analyst.

“You want to make sure you’re getting a good price for it,” said Poulons partner and vice-president at book price comparison firm

That is especially true in the case of e-books, where a high price tag can also mean an online shopping experience lacking.

In that case, it is crucial to consider the cost of your e-book purchase as well as the overall package, said Poulsson.

“Make sure you pay for the e-readers, you pay the ebook software and you pay your shipping.”

That said, a lot of the ebooks being sold online aren’t actually purchased by customers.

“Most people have to pay for their own ebooks online,” said Kaleesh Patel, a senior partner at consulting firm, adding that many of the cheaper ebooks that are being sold are bought by people who already own those books.

“These ebooks are getting made by people that already have a library.”

The same is true for the digital books, where Amazon is not only making the majority of the sales but also selling ebooks for a lower price than books purchased through traditional book stores.

In other words, Amazon is essentially buying books for a low price and then reselling them online.

As a result, ebooks can be a great way to supplement your library.

“It’s a great service to have, especially if you have a lot more ebooks in your collection,” said Patel.

For more information on ebooks, visit the Ebooks page of Amazon’s website.

The Globe and Mail has updated this story to include comments from and representatives.

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