Why the Indian government is taking over the digital book market

Posted December 19, 2018 12:05:50 The government of India is taking on the digital-book market by forcing publishers to submit books and make them available online.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has ordered the Digital India Mission to “promote digital literacy and entrepreneurship, promote digital content for free distribution and empower the digital literate to access and access digital content, including online content.”

Prime Minister Modi is the latest Indian leader to take on the online book business, a sector that has long dominated the nation’s bookstores.

In India, the Digital Economy Act, passed in 2016, allows the government to license books and digital content.

This year, Modi signed a law that grants government authorities a license to sell books and other digital content to individuals and companies.

Prime Ministers Manmohan Singh and Pranab Mukherjee have also taken on the industry.

Last year, they signed the Digital Culture Act, which allows them to offer free digital content and digital literacy training to schools and libraries.

Modi also issued an executive order last month to make India the first nation in the world to have a national book festival.

That initiative is part of a larger effort to digitize India’s books, as part of Prime Minister Modi’s “Digital India Mission.”

The Digital India mission has made a big push for the book sector, including by requiring publishers to have digital editions of books that can be shared with the public.

In November, Prime Minister Narendra Singh launched a book-sharing campaign that is now reaching thousands of bookstores and libraries across the country.

India’s first book festival is set for Jan. 4.

Digital India has also made it easier for authors to access digital versions of their books.

According to the government, it has made it possible for books to be shared online without the need for an online bookshop.

Digital content is available for free to the public for an initial five years.

In return, publishers are required to pay a fee to the ministry to access content, which they can then distribute to the general public.

Publishers can also get credit for digital content that is shared online.

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