How to Read an E-Book for Free: The Ten Best Free E-Books

The Ten best free e-books for free, from The Washington Times to Slate, are among the most widely available and influential e-book books on the market.

The list includes more than 2,500 titles, and many of them are bestsellers.

The Times’ list, based on reviews of the books by readers, is the most popular and influential in the U.S. The Post’s list of best-selling e-readers, based mostly on reviews, is not included in this comparison.

But The Times’s list is the best-reviewed of all the e-reader sites, the Times’ Alexa rankings, and the number of downloads from Amazon, which also includes Apple and Google, and is a more reliable source of free ebooks than The Washington Bookshop.

The best-sellers in each category are listed below.


The Washington Review: The Washington Report, by Michael Lewis 2.

The Best American Cities, by Robert Reich 3.

A Tale of Two Cities: A History of the City of New York, by Thomas Friedman 4.

The New York Times Book Review, by John Tierney 5.

The Economist, by Jim Tankersley 6.

The Atlantic Monthly, by Paul Krugman 7.

The Daily Beast, by Amanda Hess 8.

The Wall Street Journal, by David Cay Johnston 9.

The Los Angeles Times, by Steve Coll 10.

The Financial Times, edited by Simon & Schuster

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