E-book booking company is taking the ‘Internet’ away from book buyers

BOOK BOOKING COMPANY Waptrick E Books says it will stop accepting e-books on Amazon starting Wednesday, citing the company’s desire to focus on selling “the next great book” on its website.

The move comes less than two months after Amazon announced it would not offer e-book purchases at the online retailer for several weeks, citing a lack of inventory and a shortage of space for its users to purchase books.

Amazon declined to comment.

“The marketplace is not designed for the long-term,” said Waptricks founder and chief executive Mark Waptrells.

“We’ve got to focus our attention on building the next great product for our users, the next best thing for our customers, and our future business.”

The company has struggled to keep pace with Amazon’s increasing dominance of e-commerce in books, which now make up about half of the online retail market.

Waptriks chief executive said the company was also concerned about the increasing amount of online sales from third-party sellers.

Amazon has also taken steps to curb online book sales, which have risen by nearly 50% in the past two years.

Amazon says it has more than 3,400 sellers in its catalog and that many of them are small, independent booksellers that earn little from the purchases they make.

Amazon announced last week it would be shutting down bookstores in the United States and Canada, which it said could force retailers to sell at a loss.

Waspick has struggled for years to find a place in the market, with only a handful of brick-and-mortar bookstores, and it has not been able to attract customers who would pay more for e-reading material.

Amazon’s announcement that it would no longer accept e-readers came after Amazon’s decision last month to stop selling books on its site.

The company said that it wanted to focus more on its own services and would offer customers the ability to pay for ebooks through Amazon’s Payments platform.

Wapriks is a company with roots in New Zealand, which was the first to offer ebooks for free on the web, but its growth has been slow, and the company has been struggling to meet growth targets it has set for itself.

Amazon, which has been making moves to get book sales on its platform even as it tries to become a true digital company, has also been facing increasing competition from Google and other rivals.

Amazon and Google have been testing ways to give users more control over their digital purchases, including a feature that would allow users to disable a book’s tracking, and they are also testing ways for people to manage their data.

Amazon said that when it introduced the Amazon Prime program, it was also offering discounts for book purchases on the website, but those deals are no longer available.

The Amazon Prime service includes a number of other features, including one that gives users a 30-day free trial of Amazon’s e-reader.

Wipriks said the changes were aimed at keeping the company “focused on delivering great books to our customers.”

Waptreks founder Mark Wafrerells said the move would save Amazon from having to rely on a limited supply of ebooks and improve the companys “business model.”

“Amazon has made it very clear that it wants to become the next big player in the online book market,” he said.

“If we can get them to take the decision to go down this road, it will have a big impact on the future of the e-selling business.”

Amazon has already had a tough time selling e-computers, including the Kindle and the Fire tablet.

The Fire is available for only $129.99, and is the only device that Amazon offers with a keyboard and mouse that does not come with a built-in webcam, speakers or a camera.

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