What to read in the latest ‘Boys Not Girls’ #4 book cover

This month, “Boys not Girls” is a new book cover series featuring women authors who are creating and publishing stories about the boys they grew up with.

They include Yvonne Strahovski, author of “Girls Not Boys” about a girl in her late teens who’s attracted to boys and boys not girls.

“I think it’s the best thing for the boys, I think it really is,” Strahoski said.

“Because I don’t know a lot of them.

I don.

And I think they’re really excited to see that.”

“Bones” author and comedian Rob Schrab, who’s also known for his stand-up comedy, said he’s been writing about the importance of boys growing up.

“I really do believe that boys have an important place in our society,” he said.

“The most important thing for boys is that they learn to take care of themselves.

That’s really what the boys are really interested in.

It’s what they’re born to do.”

Schrab said he grew up in a household where the father was the breadwinner, and the mother was the primary breadwinner.

“When you’re born, you’re told to be a breadwinner,” he added.

“It’s the expectation that you have to be breadwinners, so you’re raised to be that way.”

Schab said the book he co-wrote with his mother, Sarah, focuses on boys growing into men who aren’t afraid to show their emotions.

“They’ve got this inner strength that they feel like they have to do things that aren’t right.

They don’t have to go along with everything,” he explained.

“But that’s the way boys are raised.

You know, they’re taught to be macho, to be strong, to make a stand for what’s right.

That just happens to be how they’re raised.”

Schrab said the idea of writing a book about growing up as a boy was sparked by a conversation with a friend about growing out as a man.

“He was like, ‘You know, I don’ think I’m ready to be the person I’m going to be,” he recalled.

“And I said, ‘Yeah, you need to grow out.

It’s an important conversation to have, it’s a conversation to be having with your peers, it’ s a conversation we have in this country,” he concluded. “

Schrab wrote his book in response to the conversation and said he hopes it inspires young men to consider the importance and value of masculinity.”

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This is a conversation that I hope we can have, and I hope that it inspires other young men in this culture to be more masculine and to understand that, that they are going to have to show it and that’s going to show in the actions that they take.”

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