A new book about the future of books is out!

Next Big Futures, an e-book publishing and distribution company, has published a book called The Future of Books: An Inside Look at the Future of the Internet, which will be available to purchase from September 10, 2019.This book offers a detailed overview of the future trends in book publishing, distribution, and digital publishing.It was writtenRead More

How to book a plane ticket online with your laptop

An online booking system is one of the most effective ways to book an airplane ticket online, says Microsoft, the software giant that makes the system.In fact, the company says its technology has been used to book more than 3 million flights on its own online system.The company has partnered with Booking.com to offer itsRead More

Which e-book book should you buy?

My favorite books to read on the Kindle are the ones you can just pick up and read without having to spend a lot of time reading them.I’d recommend reading them in the evening while relaxing, or even just to give yourself a break when you’re at work.For books that are a bit more serious,Read More

What you need to know about the new Apple Watch

By Sarah Harding | 11 July 2018 09:17:10Apple’s new wearable device, the Apple Watch, has finally hit the store shelves.Apple has confirmed the release date for the device, which will launch in November 2020.Apple has confirmed that the Apple watch will have an OLED display and will have a price tag of around $1,000.The AppleRead More

When a book gets its own podcast: What makes a good podcast?

e title Why the world needs more podcasts article e book means,book meaning,podcast article e article means,podcast title The latest podcast: Why podcasting is the future article e show title Podcasts: How to find the best podcasting service for you article e source means,show title Podcasting shows: What you need to know about podcasts, podcastsRead More

How to Read Braille on the Go with Braille Books

The bookshop, a new bookshop in a former bank in the heart of Manchester’s city centre, has opened with its first customer since it opened a couple of weeks ago.The owner, David McBroom, has had a hard time finding a space in the city’s crowded financial district, so he turned to a local bookshop andRead More

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