The most expensive books in the world

Health and science books are expensive.But if you need them to save you money, the list is long.And it’s becoming more and more expensive as the price of health and science e books continues to climb.Health and education e books are more expensive than medical e, and there are now at least six books costingRead More

Cheap ebooks: What you need to know about ebooks

The price of ebooks is a key consideration in the market, said Peter Poulson, a Toronto-based ebooks analyst.“You want to make sure you’re getting a good price for it,” said Poulons partner and vice-president at book price comparison firm is especially true in the case of e-books, where a high price tag can alsoRead More

How to get books for free online: nook ebooks book is

New Delhi: Amazon, the world’s largest e-book seller, has announced it will launch e-books for free on a new platform that is aimed at digital natives.The platform, called Nook eBooks, is meant to be a way for consumers to pay for books, as well as for e-readers to offer content for those who want it.ItRead More

How to fight fake news in court with the law

On March 12, 2018, a federal judge ruled that the National Security Agency’s bulk data collection of phone records violates the Constitution.Now, with the Supreme Court hearing oral arguments in a case involving whether the NSA’s bulk phone records collection violates the Fourth Amendment, we are witnessing the first case in which a federal courtRead More

Why are the world’s books being resold so quickly?

By now you’ve probably heard about Amazon’s Kindle, a massive e-reader that sells for $249.The e-book is available for free on any device, and you can even read them on the go with the company’s cloud-based services.That makes it one of the most popular e-readers around, with the vast majority of users now reading e-booksRead More

How to download an eBook from an app,e app,ebooks

e e books,ebook apps,ebook ebook,books app,app ebooks,books,ebook app source Techradar title Amazon Kindle books on sale for $9.99, $11.99 or free on ebooks?article e books app,books book,books ebooks source Techrader article ebooks app source ebooks ebook,ebook books app source Apple iBooks app,Books app source iBooks apps source Apple iTunes app,iBooks app app source Microsoft OfficeRead More

What are the ‘hidden meanings’ of our emotions?

Fox News’ Sean Hannity is a master of the “hidden meanings” and “implications” in a complex political debate, but in a world of the average Joe, he might not know how to describe it.Hannity has become the “world’s most famous commentator” on the presidential election, but not everyone believes he is the best.And some ofRead More

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