The Latest on the US Supreme Court

Two weeks ago, the Supreme Court held a hearing to determine whether the government can force Apple to unlock an iPhone that had been encrypted with a passcode in a crime investigation.It’s an issue that’s been the subject of intense public debate in recent years.In addition to the ongoing court case, Apple has argued thatRead More

How to save money on books online

An online guide to how to save on books, including the best e-books, is available online for free.It includes tips on buying and downloading ebooks, including best-selling books and ebooks that are free.The guide, called the Book of Ebooks, comes with a handy guide to e-book buying and a link to book retailers.It also includesRead More

Why are you reading books online? – The Magazine

People have long been obsessed with reading online.Now, they are finding they can find out more information about books and books from the people who wrote them.But some publishers and publishers’ agents are calling for greater restrictions.The BBC’s David Baddour reports.

Which eBooks Are Winning the Race for Book Audience?

e books are still the main driver of e book sales.This year, it seems like e book are still ahead of ebooks.However, this trend seems to be getting even more pronounced.According to the latest numbers from comScore, e book is now the most popular ebook on the market.The number of e books on the platformRead More

Which books are best for math and science readers?

The question of which books to read for math, science, and reading has been an issue for many years.And now, thanks to the rise of digital media and the rise in social media, we are starting to get a better sense of the books that will resonate with people.In fact, some of the best booksRead More

Steelers: Steelers pick up two more WRs in 2017

The Pittsburgh Steelers picked up two receivers in the 2017 NFL Draft.The team picked up wide receiver Dwayne Allen (No. 32 overall) and cornerback Josh Boyce (No 30 overall).The Steelers selected Allen at No. 32 in the draft.Allen will play in the slot and should slot in well with veteran Antonio Brown and rookie first-rounderRead More

What’s New in Amazon Kindle Book eBooks

By now, most of you have been reading about the upcoming release of the new Kindle Book, which is set to go on sale in the US and Canada in the next few days.It will also come to other major markets, including Australia and New Zealand.As we reported last week, the new ebook is supposedRead More

Which of the new book e-books is best?

e-book delivery service, cmop, has unveiled its new book delivery service which is available in the UK and Ireland.It will launch in Ireland from the end of June, and will deliver to your home, office, school, or place of work from its new website.You can also order directly from the company.The new service will beRead More

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