This is a book you should read for the real-life stuff

The Verge’s digital team is back in full swing for our next issue, where we’ve put together a list of all the books you should be reading this year.The first installment is a roundup of our favorite indie books, but we’ve also put together an anthology of books we feel have the potential to beRead More

How to Be Sexy Again

You’re not just reading this article to learn how to be sexy, you’re also reading it to learn what to wear.Read on to find out the best clothes for a hot day, plus tips on getting the most out of your day.1.Wear a good shirt.There’s no such thing as a ‘best shirt’ to wear, butRead More

Which eBooks Are Winning the Race for Book Audience?

e books are still the main driver of e book sales.This year, it seems like e book are still ahead of ebooks.However, this trend seems to be getting even more pronounced.According to the latest numbers from comScore, e book is now the most popular ebook on the market.The number of e books on the platformRead More

How to get books for free online: nook ebooks book is

New Delhi: Amazon, the world’s largest e-book seller, has announced it will launch e-books for free on a new platform that is aimed at digital natives.The platform, called Nook eBooks, is meant to be a way for consumers to pay for books, as well as for e-readers to offer content for those who want it.ItRead More

When the moon went dark: An astrological survey

I have been researching astrology for many years and recently had the chance to use the Astrological App, the first ever astrolabe that is available for the public.This is a useful tool for anyone who has any interest in astrology, and I think it is a great way to learn about the history and scienceRead More

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