How to read books with the e-book book club

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Which book title is the most popular on Amazon?

The following list was compiled by our partners at Booklist.This list is not meant to be an exhaustive list of all the best books on Amazon, but rather a snapshot of what’s currently available on Amazon.It is not a complete list of the best ebooks on Amazon by any stretch of the imagination.If you knowRead More

What is dermatology and why should I read it?

Fox Sports explains the different facets of dermatology.Here are some key points: Dermatology is the study of skin disorders and the treatment of skin problems, including acne, rashes, and psoriasis.Dermatologists use a variety of tests to determine what is causing your skin to break out.The test is called an in-depth clinical examination.The in-detail examination involvesRead More

When the Book Matters: An Interview with Hugot Hugot

In early December, Hugo Awards nominee Hugot Hugo Hugot died at the age of 93.He was known as the father of the Hugo, a prize that recognizes the best science fiction, fantasy and horror novel of the 20th century.The Hugos, along with the Nebula, are given out every year to the best story in aRead More

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